3-14 It looks like ___. Apparently ___.

Grammar Focus 1 : "OO look / sound  + adjective."

No.1 "i-adjectives"
1. take out -い from the i-ending adjective
2. and add "__そうに見える" or "__そうです。" 
    例 1. うれしそうに見える (ureshi-sou ni mieru)
    例 2. うれしそうです (ureshi-sou desu)
        ---I/you/he/she/we... look___ happy.
※可愛い→かわいそうに見える(S/he looks poor.)←wrong
※可愛い→可愛いです。(S/he is cute.)←correct

No. 2 "na-adjectives"
1. take out -な from the na-ending adjective
2. and add "__そうに見える," "__そうです," or "__に見える" 
    例 1. フレンドリーそうに見える (hurendorī sou ni mieru)
    例 2. フレンドリーそうです (hurendorī sou desu)
    例 3. フレンドリーに見える(hurendorī ni mieru)
        ---I/you/he/she/we... look___ friendly.

No. 3 "__している forms"
1. add "__ように見える," "__ようです," or "__見たいです"
    例 1. お腹が空いているように見える (onakaga suiteiru you ni mieru)
    例 2. お腹が空いているようです (onakaga suiteiru you desu)
    例 3. お腹が空いている見たいです(onakaga suiteiru mitai desu)
        ---I/you/he/she/we... look___ hungry.

Other Words & Phrases
Other Words & Phrases
-real name=本名(ほんみょう)
-to be updated in real-time=リアルタイムで更新(こうしん)される
-music note=音符(おんぷ)


Think of any 5 people you know and please describe how they look like using the structures we have practiced in this lesson. Please create at least three sentences to describe each person and post it below. We will go over your answers during the next lesson.


1. 批判はしない。

2. 特定の個人やグループを非難・攻撃しない。

3. 語学学習に関係ないことは書かない。

4. 個人を特定できる情報(メールアドレス、住所、電話番号など)は書かない。


Anyone can feel free to leave a comment as long as you don't;

1. criticize other people or other people's comments

2. defame or attack a particular person or group of people

3. leave comments which have nothing to do with language-learning

4. write personal information such as e-mail addresses, home addresses, or telephone numbers.

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