Welcome to Mitch's Web page

Hi, I'm Mitch. Thanks for visiting my website. On this page, I would like to introduce you some language learning tips that I have tried and that I think they are useful. I would also like to talk about my own success and embarrassing stories regarding language learning. I am hoping that this site will be of some use for those who are learning languages.


I am planning to upload teaching and learning materials that I have created and used (Right! You may not believe me but I am a freelance translator and a language instructor). Since I make them myself, it is completely OK that you download them as much as you want to, use them for your own language learning, and/or share them with your friends and family. If you are a teacher, you can go ahead and use them in class. (In that case, I would really appreciate it if you let your students know that you had obtained these materials from here). 


Although I always try to be as thorough as possible, I do sometimes make errors. (Actually, when I teach, I quite often make mistakes intentionally so that I can keep my students focused as well as entertained). So if you happen to notice any of my mistakes, please just play it by ear.


Note: I do not accept any responsibility or liability for any harm, injury, paralysis, and side effect which might result from using this website. 



Online Japanese / Mandarin Chinese Lessons:

Oh, and I also give Japanese and Mandarin Chinese online lessons using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. So if you are interested in learning one or both of these languages or if you are already learning it but want to improve more, please follow the link→(Online Chinese / Japanese Courses) and let me help you. Contact me, let's get the ball rolling!