About Online Japanese Lesson:

1. Japanese Course

Are you interested in learning Japanese?

Do you want to learn Japanese but there is no foreign language school near by?

Do you want to learn Japanese with a solid and effective lesson plan and acquire a high level of proficiency in Japanese fast?


If yes to any of these questions, I recommend this course.


With this course, you will have

-In total, 45 lessons a year, 3 to 4 lessons a month,

-and each lesson is 25 minutes.

- Apart from your Japanese lessons, you will also have plans and advice on your studies, homework, and corrections to your homework (but if you prefer not to have homework, that is fine too).


Also, if you want, you can attend classes with your spouse, boy/girl-friend, friend, kid, etc, and the price is still the same. 


Class schedule:


It is fixed. For example, if you decide to take lessons on Monday at 8pm, it's always on Monday at 8pm. Some language schools offer flexible class schedules. That is, you make a reservation when you have time. But many studies have already proved and as you might know, if you want to learn a foreign language well, it is very important to study it with a fixed schedule. So at my school, we follow the fixed-schedule system. After all, who has such a thing as "free time"? Learn Japanese with me to make sure you learn it well!


※↓Monthly fee↓ (about US$ 100.00)


Enrollment Fee



-Payment with credit card or PayPal.

-Pay monthly and the payment is due by 27th.

-The payment is for the lessons that take place in the following month. In other words, the payment is in advance.

-Classes via Skype.

-The class schedule will be fixed. That is, for example, if you decide to take a course on Monday at 8 pm, always on Monday at 8 pm.


※ In addition to the monthly fee, you must pay an enrollment fee of 2,000 yen (approximately US $ 20.00) when you start.

Let's get started!

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How do I cancel my membership?


When you decide not to continue lessons with me, just let me know about it 2 or 3 lessons prior to the final lesson.