On this site, I will put links to my printable Japanese-English vocabulary cards. If you print them out on thick A4 paper on both sides and cut it along the dotted lines, you will be able to make 10 vocabulary cards with one sheet.


If you have perforated paper for making business cards, it might even save you time. Instead of cutting the dotted lines on the paper with scissors, using perforated paper is much quicker. Such paper is sold as "printable business cards for inkjet printers." However, please note that the dimension of these files here are for that of the most common business card paper in Japan, so depending on the paper you use, the outcome may vary a little bit. 


So far, there are only few files here, but I have hundreds of them on my computer. It's just that before I upload them here, I  want to add ふりがな(furigana) to 漢字(kanji) on the files, and I also need to convert them to PDF. So please bear with me.  



STEP 3 (英検3級) Vocabulary Cards Download

The word "STEP" stands for "Society for Testing English Proficiency." Now it is known as "The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency." For the sake of simplicity and ease, I just still use the word "STEP." Level 1 is the most difficult test, and Level 5 is the least difficult one. 

STEP 3 000 (text file)
英検3級 000.txt
テキスト文書 710 Bytes
英検3級 000
STEP3 000.pdf
PDFファイル 61.6 KB

STEP 3 001 (text file)
英検3級 001.txt
テキスト文書 1024 Bytes
STEP 3 001
STEP 3 001.pdf
PDFファイル 66.7 KB

STEP 3 002 (text file)
英検3級 002.txt
テキスト文書 1.3 KB
STEP 3 002
英検3級 002.pdf
PDFファイル 44.7 KB

STEP 3 003 (text file)
英検3級 003.txt
テキスト文書 958 Bytes
STEP 3 003
英検3級 003.pdf
PDFファイル 39.1 KB

STEP 3 004 (text file)
英検3級 004.txt
テキスト文書 1.5 KB
STEP 3 004
英検3級 004.pdf
PDFファイル 42.5 KB

STEP 3 005 (text file)
英検3級 005.txt
テキスト文書 990 Bytes
STEP 3 005
英検3級 005.pdf
PDFファイル 44.8 KB

STEP 3 006 (text file)
英検3級 006.txt
テキスト文書 1.4 KB
STEP 3 006
英検3級 006.pdf
PDFファイル 59.4 KB

STEP 3 007 (text file)
英検3級 007.txt
テキスト文書 1.3 KB
STEP 3 007
英検3級 007.pdf
PDFファイル 56.8 KB

STEP 3 008 (text file)
英検3級 008.txt
テキスト文書 1.3 KB
STEP 3 008 (PDF)
英検3級 008.pdf
PDFファイル 46.6 KB

STEP 3 009 (text file)
英検3級 009.txt
テキスト文書 1.4 KB
STEP 3 009 (PDF)
英検3級 009.pdf
PDFファイル 43.3 KB