Do you know what they all have in common?

 They are all famous people! Yeah, they are all celebrities, but I mean besides that. Did you know that they all speak Japanese!

 And did you also know that soon you will you be also able to speak Japanese? Yes, you will be the next person to make up to this list. Repeat after me!

"Yes, I can!"

"Yes, I can!"

"Yes, I can!"

Yes! Let's get started!

 Japanese Lessons, Level 1

Basic Grammar & Vocabulary for Beginners

-Lesson 1 "Self introduction" I am __. You are __

-Lesson 2 "This is my passport" This is __. That is.  That over there is __.

-Lesson 3 "Where is my suitcase?" on, in, under, by, in front of, behind etc.

-Lesson 4 "That is a cute shirt!" adjective+nouns

-Lesson 5 "I watch TV for three hours every day." verb in masu form

-Lesson 6 "I don't work at all." 1-frequency expressions, 2-telephone numbers in Japanese

-Lesson 7 "That's actually Japanglish!" 1-和製英語(wasei eigo), 2-Particle よ(yo), 3-"There is/are __"

-Lesson 8 "Please sit down!" 1-imperative forms

-Lesson 9 "I usually get up at 6:30." 1-time expressions in Japanese, 2-There is/are __.

-Lesson 10 "I ate breakfast this morning." Past tense in Japanese

-Lesson 11 1-Days of the Week, 2-Casual Speech in Japanese

-Lesson 12 "I like spring the best." 1- seasons of the year, 2-past tense, casual form, 3-plan to do

-Lesson 13 "1- I like to work a lot." "2- Why don't we work overtime together!"

-Lesson 14 "1- Can I do __?" "2- Please feel free to do __." "3- Please refrain from doing __."

-Lesson 15 "1- Let's do __!" "2-I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm tired." "3-I'm watching TV"

-Lesson 16 "I watch TV and then do my homework" "Turn right and then go straight."

-Lesson 17 "You look happy." "I'll take a rain check on that."

-Lesson 18 "Oh no, I did something silly!"

-Lesson 19 "It was cold."

-Lesson 20 "I have been to Kyoto once." "I'm good at dancing."

-Lesson 21 "Verb form -nai"

-Lesson 22 "It has become hot.", Adverbs, "You mustn't __!" 

-Lesson 23 "My wallet was stolen"

-Lesson 24 "We shouldn't see each other anymore." "Please don't throw me away."

-Lesson 25 "Run, Lola, Run" command form, "It seems like __."

-Lesson 26 "Do you really __?" (__んですか?)

-Lesson 27 "Days of Month in Japanese"

-Lesson 29 ""

-Lesson 30 ""

-Lesson 31 ""

-Lesson 32 ""

-Lesson 33 ""

... continue up to Lesson 50 (I'm still working on other lessons. Bear with me.)

Level 2


Japanese Lessons, Level 2:

Japanese Language Proficiency Test ( JLPT ) N4 Level

Grammar & Vocabulary

Working on it. Please bear with me.

Grammar Point 1: 

Grammar Point 2: 

Grammar Point 3: 

Grammar Point 4: 

Grammar Point 5: 


Level 3

Japanese Lessons, Level 3:

Japanese Language Proficiency Test ( JLPT ) N3 Level

Grammar & Vocabulary

Grammar Point 1: I thought ___, am I right?

Grammar Point 2: Oh no! Teacher Mitch fell asleep during the class! 

Grammar Point 3: Do you want to know when you will die?

Grammar Point 4: You must think “I can do it!”

Grammar Point 5: I don’t care whether you will be a millionaire or not.

Grammar Point 6: I was told to study.

Grammar Point 7: I should do __. You should do __. He shouldn't do __. etc.

Grammar Point 8: How about ___ing? / Why don’t you __?

Grammar Point 9: Have you ever done ___? Have you ever been to __?

Grammar Point 10: Has anyone ever kindly done ___ for you?

Grammar Point 11: Have you ever kindly done ___ for someone?

Grammar Point 12: Can you kindly do ___ for me?

Grammar Point 13: A teacher who looks like a pig!

Grammar Point 14: You look happy.

Grammar Point 15: My wallet was stolen.

Grammar Point 16: I had reserved a room ahead of time.

Grammar Point 17: A room had been reserved ahead of time.

Grammar Point 18: I live in Japan. I teach Japanese. I study English. I love my wife. I'm hungry.

Grammar Point 19: Question word "What" in Japanese

Grammar Point 20: Question word "Where" in Japanese

Grammar Point 21: Question word "When" in Japanese

Grammar Point 22: Question word "Which" in Japanese

Grammar Point 23: Question word "How" "How about ___"in Japanese

Grammar Point 24: Question word "How many" "How much" "How old" "How tall" in Japanese

Grammar Point 25: Question word "How far" "How long" in Japanese

Grammar Point 26: Question word "who" in Japanese

Grammar Point 27: those who are using their phone while driving

Grammar Point 28: while driving, while watching TV, while working

Grammar Point 29: 

Grammar Point 30: 






第3日目『好き vs 嫌い






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(1,000 Essential Japanese Kanji Exercises, Intermediate Level)

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